Title Conference Author Date
Towards effective science teaching and learning for students with significant cognitive disabilities 2021 CEC L.I.V.E Conference Ruhter, L., Koebley, S., & Karvonen, M. March 2021
Science for all: Integrating UDL with inquiry-based instruction The 2020 CAST UDL Symposium Ruhter, L., Koebley, S., & Karvonen, M. August 2020
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5E-SESE Phase 1 Research Report Project Brief Ruhter, L., Swinburne Romine, R., Karvonen, M., & Koebley, S.
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Click to download an example 5E-SESE lesson plan on conversation of weight.
Click to view an exemplar 5E-SESE online module. The module provides examples from the 5E-SESE project.