Welcome to the 5E-SESE Phase 1 Initial Development Page!

Phase 1 has been completed.
Thank you to all of the amazing participants who have made Phase 1 a success!

What was Phase 1 Initial Development all about?

The 5E-SESE project completed Phase 1 data collection in December, 2019. Seven instructional modules (an Overview module, 3 Foundational Modules, and 3 science content-focused modules, one for each domain of physical, life, and earth science) were built and released for piloting by 15 teachers. This initial phase of the project focused on determining usability and feasibility of a virtual learning experience for teachers of students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Focus Group Findings

Data analysis indicated that participants reacted positively to the course content as well as the feasibility of providing an online science learning platform. Participants felt that the modules helped them think differently about how to plan science lessons and about ways to make science content more engaging for their students. They asked for more examples in the modules highlighting situations they face while instructing students with the most significant needs, and predicted that the virtual coaching component to be included in Phase 2 will be extremely helpful. This initial result provides direction for the design team in editing of the existing modules and in creating storylines for new modules, which will include more specific narratives that mirror teacher's school lives, and in the design and implementation of the coaching model.

Lessons Learned

Participants felt less positive about the online platform. They suggested a more streamlined platform for ease of use in their online learning, including improved features for navigation within and between screens. The design team is currently working with programmers in order to focus on the online learning features that will be most likely to lead to improved usability, navigation, and user interactivity.

Example Module:

A sample lesson about food webs, ecosystems, matter and energy, an image of a frozen river