5E-SESE is an online professional development system that includes self-directed modules and individualized coaching designed for teachers who teach science to students with significant cognitive disabilities.



5E-SESE develops teachers' capacity to provide effective science instruction for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities. Teachers of these students will combine features of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and inquiry-based science teaching. They will create and teach 5E learning cycle science lessons. 5E-SESE is a collaboration among four state departments of education and two universities, the University of Kansas and the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.





5E-SESE Professional Development System

The 5E-SESE system engages teachers in a series of 5E learning cycles so that they can experience the same kind of learning cycle as their students will experience during science instruction. The Fundamentals modules are completed first and applied in each of the EE modules.


Our Team

  • Meagan Karvonen
    Meagan Karvonen
    Principal Investigator
  • Sarah Koebley
    Sarah Koebley
    Co-Principal Investigator
  • Shawnee Wakeman
    Shawnee Wakeman
  • David Pugalee
    David Pugalee
  •  Lindsay Ruhter
    Lindsay Ruhter
    Research Associate
  • Sue Bechard
    Sue Bechard
  • Sean J. Smith
    Sean J. Smith
    Course Design Consultant
  • Rebecca Swinburne Romine
    Rebecca Swinburne-Romine
    Research Design & Statistical Specialist